Our videos on various topics of Electrical and Electronics Engineering 

Note; These videos are in Hindi Language
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Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)

Electrical Substation

Production of Rotating Magnetic Field

Three phase electrical power

Why three phase not 1, 2 or 6

Electrical Substation complete 3d Tour

Electrical Substation how does it works

How does inductor behaves on variable dc and on ac

Electrical power generation to distribution

Why capacitor used in ceiling fan?

What is Buchholz relay and how does it works?

Cooling of three phase induction motor

Description of each part of an induction motor

What is power factor?

What is hysteresis loss?

Difference between neutral and earth

Types of dc motors

Construction of DC motors

Permanent magnet vs electromagnet

Full wave rectifier (center tapped transformer)

Why the electrical grids fails

What is sine wave inverter

Three phase rectifier

Half wave rectifier

Bridge rectifier how does it works

Working principle of DC motor

Construction of DC motor

Three phase rectifier how does it works

How an inverter works

Electrical Transformer working in hindi

Three phase Induction motor explained

Working of Capacitor

Semiconductor diode video 1

Semiconductor diode video 2

3D Model: 
High Voltage Transmission Tower

HV Electric Tower / Pylon

3D Model: 
Substation Bus

HV Substation Bus

3D Model: 
Substation Bay 


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