Electrical Transformer

Electrical Transformer

List of topics

  •          What is electrical transformer?
  •          Types of Electrical Transformers
  •          Construction of Electrical Transformer
  •          Voltage regulation of a transformer
  •          Single phase auto transformer
  •          Three phase transformer

§  Working
§  Construction

What is an electrical transformer?

Transformer is an Electro-mechanical energy conversion device which transfers electrical power from one electrical circuit to another electrical circuit by changing magnitude voltage and current 
single phase electrical transformer
Electrical Transformer
Types of Electrical Transformer

1)  Step Up transformer:-
  • It increases the level of voltage i.e. input voltage is low and the output voltage becomes high.
  •  However, the level of current gets reduced in the same proportion i.e. input current is high and output current is low.
  • But power and frequency remain unchanged.
block representation
Block representation of Step-Up transformer
2)  Step-Down transformer:-
  • It decreases the level of voltage i.e. the input voltage is high and the output voltage  becomes low.
  • However, the level of current get increased in the same proportion i.e. input current is less and the output current is more.
  • But power and frequency remain unchanged.

Block representation of Step down transformer
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